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A worldwide community - Today, there are approximately 30 Ventures and 3 Spirits flying in the U.S. as well as Canada and Australia, making our community of pilot owners worldwide.  Questair, LLC's primary goal is to remain engaged with our community - first to provide current owners and builders with certified parts and technical support and second to create an exciting future for the Venture aircraft.  

Questair, LLC - In 2013, ownerhsip of Questair Venture was transitioned to Dan Myers and Jim Cook, partners in Questair Venture, LLC. This transition included acquiring production molds, assembly fixtures, machine equipment, partial kits, piece parts, and a significant portion of the engineering and manufacturing records.  


Learn more - If you are an experienced pilot with a passion for flying a high performance airplane, the Questair Venture could be right for you. To discuss the purchase of a plane or kit, please contact Jim Cook at

Questair, LLC
Questair, LLC

Owner / Builder Support


The enjoyment of your Venture airplane is our number one goal.  We can assist you with technical support, Venture parts and more.

Questair Ventures For Sale


See planes for sale that are fully built and flying.   Hangared and brokered by Questair, LLC.,   To arrange a demonstration flight,  Contact Jim Cook at

Venture Specs

The Venture is a two place, all metal monoplane licensed under the FAA amateur built category.

The Venture is a two place, all metal monoplane licensed under the FAA amateur built categor.

N11QV For Sale


This is a great opportunity to get into a fully built, well-maintained Venture.  Currently hangared at KJVW, contact to schedule a demonstration flight.

The Red Rocket

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N17FY also known as "The Red Rocket" is one of the best examples of a Venture that has been owner-designed for the ultimate in performance and enjoyment.

venture stories

Owner's Stories

Photo Credit:  Pilot Magazine

As seen in Pilot - Flight test: Questair Venture

Pilot magazine featured John Kruckeberg and his Venture in their Flight Test series published May, 2019.  From the article:  "That's the most exhilarating flight (I nearly wrote eggxhilarating) I've ever had in a kitplane, something which looks and sounds like it's from Reno..."

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